Class of 2023 ATAR Results

Celebrating the Brilliance of Our 2023 Graduates! 

The graduating class of Immanuel has achieved an exceptional set of ATAR results, propelling them into a bright future filled with diverse study options and promising career pathways. 

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Immanuel has again achieved 100% QCE attainment, an internationally recognised accomplishment for 5 consecutive years. The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) serves as evidence of their Seniors' outstanding academic achievements, offering them a diverse range of subjects and courses to align with their individual interests and career aspirations. This remarkable feat underscores Immanuel's dedication to providing students with a well-rounded and internationally acknowledged education. 
This year, Immanuel boasts an outstanding 5 students achieving 100% in their subject results, demonstrating the commitment to academic excellence. Furthermore, 15 students received 100% on their external exams, a testament to the rigorous preparation and dedication of both students and educators.  

Ben Basson 2023

Ben Basson achieved an ATAR of 98.7 with Immanuel delighted to acknowledge Ben as the 2023 Dux, exemplifying the pinnacle of academic excellence.  

Departing Principal Colin Minke extends his heartfelt congratulations to all graduates, from those who achieved remarkable results to those whose efforts surpassed their own expectations. 
"Congratulations to our graduates for their exceptional performance. Each student's journey at Immanuel is unique and valuable, contributing not only to their personal growth but also shaping the path they will tread in the future," remarked Principal Colin Minke. 
Notably, 9 of the 15 students with an ATAR exceeding 90 were "lifers," a term coined to recognise those who've been part of the Immanuel family since Prep or Year 1. This underscores the power of instilling a love for learning from the early years, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for knowledge. 
But it’s not all about numbers. With a commitment to nurturing the whole person, Immanuel celebrates not only academic excellence, but also diverse pathways chosen by its graduates. From Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, Music, Dietetics, Diplomacy, Midwifery, Acting, to the Defence Force and Trade Apprenticeships. This diverse array reflects the school's dedication to uncovering student’s strengths and guiding them toward their chosen paths. 


With the changing ecosystem of Tertiary education, Vocational education is on the rise and Immanuel was proud to have 43 out of 78 students complete VET certificates.  
Immanuel also recognises that the journey is as important as the destination. Head of Secondary School, Nick Cheyne added, "I want to acknowledge the dedication of our students and express gratitude to our teachers, Curriculum Leaders, House Leaders, and mentors. Their support and guidance have been instrumental in fostering a love of learning and a spirit of generosity in our graduates." 

“fostering a love of learning and a spirit of generosity in our graduates”

Nick Cheyne shared his best wishes for the Class of 2023, saying, "I wish every student success in their chosen endeavours. It has been a privilege to witness your growth and contributions to Immanuel. We eagerly anticipate the diverse paths you will take, and I thank you for the richness you've added to the Immanuel community." 
Immanuel extends well wishes to all graduates and acknowledges their significant efforts as students. The lessons learnt during their time at Immanuel will remain a guiding force and offer support as they step into their next chapter.