Vision Statement

Inspiring Learning - Building Community - Enriching Lives

Mission Statement

Immanuel graduates will be identified by their confidence, optimism and respect for healthy relationships. They will be highly competent and capable of making a positive contribution to their country and the world. They will be well grounded with a sense of who they are in the world and a set of values which are founded in faith, reason and knowledge.

Core Values and Beliefs

Centrality of the Gospel

We acknowledge God’s Word as the authority and guide for the community. In it Christ is revealed, providing the centre of all we do under God’s grace.

Worth of the Individual

We believe each person in the community is important, their worth attested by Christ and should be able to reach their potential: academically, spiritually, physically, culturally and socio-emotionally.


Our aim is to strive for excellence in an education which is authentic, life-related and future-orientated.

Importance of Relationships

We believe that in Christ all are equal, regardless of race, ability, gender or physical nature, and are committed to each other in caring, just, supporting, encouraging and forgiving relationships.


We believe that we are to serve one another and the community.

Respect for the Environment

We believe that the natural environment is to be preserved and protected as we interact with it.

Sense of Community

We believe that Immanuel is enriched as we develop school pride and spirit and as we interact with the wider community.

College Motto

The College motto, Walk as Children of the Light, points us in the direction we must be going. We have to more fully come to know Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the World, and to know what it means to be “Children of the Light”. The motto tells us then to be what we are, and thus a major objective of the College is to expose its students to the Light of the World and His plan for them.

College Logo

Our logo shows the Cross of Christ in front of the rising sun. Since the sun gives us light, the logo highlights Jesus as the Light of the World. Light also reveals and exposes and thus we are reminded to look at ourselves as Jesus sees us. The sun is a symbol of the Sunshine Coast and its surf, sand and enjoyment. The Cross is a symbol of Christ and His love for the World. When these two symbols are put together we have a picture of Christ in the world where we are.