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ATAR Achievements

2021 Dux Luca Chaddock

Immanuel’s Class of 2021 took the next step in their educational journey as they received their ATAR result. Will they stay on the Coast, move away or take a gap year? It’s an exciting time for these confident, young adults.

“As a community, we are proud of our graduates’ achievements,” said Principal Colin Minke.

Dux Luca Chaddock received a 99.5 and is considering either a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at The University of Queensland (UQ) or the highly prestigious Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) / Bachelor of Science (Honours) program that is offered as a joint degree program by the National University of Singapore and the Joint Colleges of Science, Health and Medicine at the Australian National University (ANU).

“The Class of 2021 is comprised of positive, resilient, inspiring and confident young adults who have a strong sense of who they are and what they want to achieve, applying for degrees in fields as diverse as medicine to architecture, song writing to animation,” said Colin.

“At Immanuel, we have a very connected community where the academic is intrinsically linked with each student’s social and emotional wellbeing. Our philosophy is the whole person is the whole point.

“Most Immanuel graduates progress to university to study across a wide variety of fields and industries. But we are proud to offer a well-balanced curriculum that caters for those who wish to pursue vocational pathways as well. This year, 100% of our Year 12s achieved their QCE and 22 students succeeded in getting a Certificate II or higher qualification,” he said.

2021 College Captain Chloe Robinson achieved a 98.3 and intends to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the University of Melbourne or ANU. However, at some point, the fluent Mandarin speaker is also keen to travel to China and live abroad.

Other highlights include Charlotte Baker with a 97.05 who has chosen to stay on the Coast at USC and study a Bachelor of Paramedicine; Lucy Carn achieving 96.45 plans to study a combined Bachelor of Design (Architecture) / Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree at the Queensland University of Technology; Abigail Williams, with 96.25, has dreams of one day becoming a doctor applying to study medicine at James Cook University in Townsville; vocalist, song writer and guitarist Sam Henrick received 91.15 and will study a Bachelor of Music in song writing at JMC Academy; talented flautist Neve Randall achieved a 91.10 and received an early offer to study a Bachelor of Music at Griffith University’s Queensland Conservatorium.

In fact, there was quite a musical theme this year. Besides Sam and Neve, four other students will study music or song writing at a tertiary level in 2022.

Graduates from the Class of 2021 will pursue a variety of interests with 65% of the cohort receiving early offers from universities and institutions across Australia. Immanuel graduates will do everything from being selected to undertake a gap year in the defence force to studying for degrees in engineering, architecture, law, mathematics, pharmacy, science, nursing and midwifery, psychology, occupational therapy, education, business and communication, economics, music, animation, film and vocational pathways.

ATAR Snapshot:

  • Dux Luca Chaddock 99.5
  • ATAR 95 and above: 11% of eligible students
  • ATAR 90 and above: 23% of eligible students
  • Median ATAR 80.55
  • ATAR 85 and above 30% of eligible students
  • ATAR 80 and above 53% of eligible students
  • 65% of graduates received an early offer for university
  • 100% of students received their QCE
  • 22 students completed a Certificate II and above