Inspired Excellence

Immanuel inspires children to always be their best

Choosing the best Sunshine Coast school for your child is about the best opportunities for their unique aspirations. We work to give your child the resilience, curiosity and passion for learning they’ll require to become a successful adult. At Immanuel, each student’s academic, emotional, cultural and spiritual development is a marker of their success, and of ours.

How we bring out the best in your child

We strive for our students to be happy learners, inspired by their teachers, and engaged with the curriculum. ILC is committed to creating better spaces for online, experiential and outdoor education for ‘future-driven’ learning. For us, a successful graduate has the confidence to follow their dreams with a set of values which are founded in faith, reason and knowledge.

Ted Munro, Scientist and Immanuel Old Scholar

Academic excellence

For over 40 years, we’ve helped our students to achieve remarkable academic results and to follow their own path. With multiple ATAR Certifiers and Endorsers amongst our exceptional teaching staff, we’re highly prepared to help your child achieve a place at university, if that’s the pathway they choose to follow, as our graduates consistently achieve their first or second university preference.

Alyce Wood Olympian and Immanuel Graduate

Athletic excellence

As a leading Sunshine Coast School, we will provide your child with access to exceptional coaching staff, professional athletes as mentors, and first-class sporting facilities - everything they need to be the best athlete they can be. Your young adult will graduate with the skills necessary for success in their chosen sporting career - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Simon Schmidt Opera Singer and Immanual Old Scholar

Excellent options

True excellence comes from a child’s sense of achievement and success looks different for each student. We believe that the whole child is the whole point. That’s why we proudly promote multiple pathways in conjunction with world-class learning facilities, to nurture your child’s interests in the creative industries; tourism and environmental protection; science, engineering and technology; business and entrepreneurship; and the social sciences.

Look at what Immanuel has to offer and how our fees compare for a learning experience that inspires your child to excellence in their journey to adulthood.