Immanuel Parents and Friends Community

Chair – Sheldon Busch
Vice Chairperson – Melissa Evans
Secretary -Faith Hambrecht - Bowes
Treasurer – Trent Reisenleiter 

Committee Members:

  • Mark Yeates
  • Carlie Johnston
  • Melissa Evans
  • Denise Mulholland
  • Trent Reisenleiter
  • Sheldon Busch
  • Clayton Tomlin
  • Sam Hattrick
  • Jo Boutchard

Parent forums and P & F meetings are advertised in the newsletter. We welcome you to these meetings to hear of the progress of the College and Parents & Friends Association. A membership fee of $25.00 per family gives you voting rights and this is paid as part of the Term 1 Fee Account. These meetings aim to be informative about the school, education, and topics relevant to parents. The elected P & F Executive meet on a monthly basis - usually the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in K5, Ken Thamm Centre. Parents are welcome to attend.

General Information

During the year the P & F hosts several social functions for the enjoyment of parents. The commencement of the year social function is an ideal opportunity for parents to meet and talk to the teachers and to interact with other parents, especially those involved with your child's class or home group. Please come and enjoy the evening.

The P & F Association raises money through the Immanuel Arts Festival and Fruehlingsfest spring fair. This money is directed back into the College in equipment and financial assistance to various projects.

You may have a special skill or talent or know a fantastic guest speaker that you would like to share with us. We would love to hear from you. Any areas of College life that you wish to have discussed as part of our P & F meetings? We look forward to hearing from you.

Buzz Book P-12

The collation and printing of this directory is a project of the Parents & Friends Association. The Buzz Book is a directory of both students and their parents, and phone numbers and addresses are listed in order to help you maintain a close link with our College community. If you wish, you do have the opportunity to have your name excluded from the Buzz Book.

The book has a secondary function. In many cases, parents would like to support other families of the College community through business dealings. Therefore, we encourage parents to advertise in the Buzz Book. This is a fundraising effort and the cost of printing is covered by the $5.00 fee charged to your term account.

The Immanuel College Buzz Book - copyright is produced by the P & F as a directory of students and their families and is not available as a mailing list for business use.

Advertisements can be placed through Ms Louise Brear on (07) 5477 3444, or via email to

Parental Help

To work efficiently we require the support of all parents. The success of our College depends on community support. By giving your time and energy you will be helping your child and enjoying social interaction with other parents. To continue to work efficiently, we require the support of parents in the following areas: rainforest care, tuckshop roster, uniform shop. Cooking for functions held out of school hours and other special needs will be advertised in the weekly College newsletter, Immanuel in Touch.

We can guarantee pleasant working conditions, friendly faces, plenty of morning and/or afternoon tea, but more importantly you will make wonderful friendships, learn more about the College and you are helping your children. Thank you in anticipation. Please contact P&F House on T: (07) 5477 3457 to express your interest.

Social Conduct Code

During the past few years the P & F has been vitally aware of the problems which parents face in relation to social activities outside the school. We therefore have a social code of conduct.

Immanuel Lutheran College parent and student representatives compiled the following guidelines for social conduct to encourage enjoyable and safe social activities. We wish to uphold the high standard Immanuel Lutheran College has attained in the community and to assist students to develop into responsible and caring citizens, motivated by Christian values. Advice on parties and related matters can be obtained by contacting the Main Administration Office.

- Social functions are expected to finish at a reasonable hour.

- At social gatherings in the home, at least one of the parents should be in attendance to assist the young host and ensure that entertainment is of a suitable nature.

- It is important that social functions be kept to a minimum during term, particularly Term 4.

- It is considered necessary that students be taken to and from evening functions by a responsible adult.

- Students should invite only those known to them - each guest being invited personally. It is necessary that invitations, written or verbal, nominate the finish time and be answered definitely.

- Open parties are ill advised and it is appropriate that uninvited persons not be admitted.

- It is essential that the consumption of alcohol, the smoking of tobacco and the use of drugs at student parties be prohibited.

- Communication between parents, and between students and parents, will prevent many problems.

- As parents and friends of Immanuel we are all working towards upholding the high standard Immanuel has reached in the community, and we are here to support you in your endeavours to uphold the Social Code of Conduct.