ILC Sunshine Coast - The Principal

Meet The Principal

Hello, and a warm welcome to Immanuel. One of the key aspects of the ILC experience is the genuine sense of connection that our students and families feel when they join our community, one that I can personally attest to having had my four children attend, two of whom are still here. The warm, caring and supportive environment allows young people to grow and develop their individual gifts and talents, whether that be in academics, culture, sport or service.

Whether it be through my involvement in teaching Senior Construction, serving in the local soup kitchen or coaching the first 18, I am constantly reminded of the importance of the whole child, and how essential it is that all our students feel a sense of belonging where they can be their best self.

I invite you to visit our campus and experience first-hand the unique community that is Immanuel Lutheran College.

Kind regards,

Colin Minke