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Hi, I'm Eloise Beveridge 

As Principal, I’m thrilled to extend a warm welcome to each of you as we embark on an exciting journey together at Immanuel Lutheran College – Sunshine Coast’s longest established Independent private school on the Sunshine Coast. 


A Legacy of Excellence
Immanuel has a rich history of academic excellence, setting the gold standard for education on the Sunshine Coast, providing an outstanding education, fostering a love for learning, and nurturing students from Prep to Year 12. Our Early Learning Centre, exceeding in all aspects of the NFQ framework, lays the foundation for a lifelong passion for education.

A Vibrant Community Awaits You 
Immanuel isn't just a school; it's a vibrant community where every day is a new opportunity for growth, discovery, and connection. The energy on campus is palpable, and I am genuinely looking forward to being part of a community that values not just academic excellence but the bonds that tie us together.


The Immanuel Way: More Than Just Words
We often speak of 'The Immanuel Way,' a commitment that goes beyond academic achievement. It's about fostering relationships—with teachers, students, and parents—creating a tapestry of support that allows each student to thrive. As your Principal, I am dedicated to embodying 'The Immanuel Way,' a philosophy that underlines the importance of respect, care, and active engagement in our faith based educational journey. 


Our Vision: A Journey of Personal Capacity

Immanuel's vision is rooted in building personal capacity. Our commitment is to provide an education that transcends the traditional, equipping our students to find purpose and confidently step into their futures. The nurturing environment here, steeped in Christian values and academic rigor, sets the stage for a holistic education that prepares our students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Exciting Changes, Exciting Future

Immanuel is undergoing significant changes, reflecting our commitment to a future-focused learning environment. With the impending redevelopment of buildings and the launch of a new café, we are creating spaces that align with our values and foster innovation at every turn. It's about embracing contemporary and forward-thinking education, ensuring our students thrive in an environment that prepares them for the world beyond our gates.

Joining the Immanuel Family 

Having spent over two decades in Lutheran education, I am deeply passionate about providing an education that goes beyond the academic realm. It's about instilling values, fostering service, and caring for the environment, all within a faith-based setting. I am not just your Principal; I am part of the Immanuel family, committed to contributing to the vibrant Sunshine Coast community alongside my own family—my husband Laith and our daughter, who is beginning her journey at Immanuel in Year 6. 


I extend a warm invitation to all families considering Immanuel to reach out and schedule a visit. Come, experience our vibrant campus, meet our wonderful community, and feel the unique spirit of Immanuel for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you to your future home away from home! 

Eloise Beveridge

Mrs. Eloise Beveridge

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