1. Application for Admission

Application for admission of a student can be made by clicking here.

The following must be submitted with the enrolment application:

a) A non-refundable application fee of $150.00 (per family);

b) A copy of each child’s birth certificate, extract of birth entry or passport;

c) Copies of school reports for the previous two years;

d) Copies of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test results (if applicable);

e) Any current court or parenting order which exists pertaining to the guardianship arrangements for the student (if applicable);

f) Other relevant reports from health professionals which refer to social/emotional, behavioural or additional learning needs that are pertinent to the student, e.g. speech, language, or occupational therapist, psychologist or audiologist. In some cases an updated report may be requested by the College (this is required for the purpose of enabling the College to assess how to meet any health or other needs of the student);

g) Current relevant medical reports/information – e.g. allergies, asthma or diabetes (this is required for the purpose of enabling Immanuel Lutheran College to assess how to meet any medical needs of the student).

All the above information/reports must be presented with the application. This application will not be assessed until all of the above information and reports have been provided (where applicable).

If you need assistance completing the Application for Enrolment form, please contact the Enrolment Registrar.

2. Receipt of Enrolment Application Form

Following receipt of the completed Application for Enrolment form and payment of the Application Fee, a letter of acknowledgement and receipt of payment will be sent to you electronically.

3. Assessment of Application

As part of the College’s Enrolment Policy, a number of enrolment priorities have been outlined by the Immanuel Lutheran College Council, the school’s governing body. This may vary from time to time, but commonly reflects such priorities as acceptance of siblings, children of past Immanuel students etc.

All applications will be assessed on merit. Information contained within the Application for Enrolment will be used to determine the educational and physical needs of the prospective student and whether the College can accommodate those needs.

If necessary, the Enrolment Registrar may request additional information to determine the College’s capacity to cater for your child’s individual needs.

Key entry years at Immanuel Lutheran College are Prep and Year 7. However, applications will be considered in other year levels dependent on availability of places.

4. Waiting Lists

Due to demand for certain year levels or resources available, it may be necessary to place your child’s name on our waiting list until a place becomes available. Families are encouraged to apply regardless of the waiting list as this will increase your child’s chance of securing a place at a later date.

Tours of the College are conducted upon request as an early phase of the enrolment process.

Programs and subjects offered may vary from time to time.

5. Interviews

Interviews are arranged via the Enrolment Registrar for parents and children to meet with either the Principal or Head of Sub School.

6. Offer of a Place

The Principal reserves the right to offer or decline to offer a place and to offer subjects or activities within the constraints of the College.

All offers are made in writing and families are given a 14-day period to consider if they wish to accept or decline the offer of a place.

7. Confirming Placement Offer

If the offer is accepted, families are then required to secure their placement with a non-refundable Enrolment Confirmation Fee of $750.00 for the first child and $250.00 per sibling. This payment is required within the 14-day period.

For further information, please contact the Enrolment Registrar, Mrs Irene Dabinet, on

(07) 5477 3441 or via email dabineti@immanuel.qld.edu.au