New Secondary School Students


Subject textbooks are loaned through the Library and are inclusive of your fees. Textbooks will be available for collection from the Ken Thamm Centre prior to starting or on the first day of term.


New secondary school students will meet at the Secondary School Administration Building. They are encouraged to be there by 8:20 AM. 


All new Secondary School students must ensure that they have purchased a lock for their locker. These are available via the College Shop or can be purchased elsewhere. Combination locks are recommended.

The student will be advised of their locker number when they start. 


Secondary Students (Years 7 to 12) are advised to refer to their printed timetables noting where they have a double HPE or Sports and Activity lesson. On these days they will be required to bring their sports uniform to the College and change prior to their lesson. In the past, Year 7 students were allowed to wear their sports uniform to the College on the day they have a Sport and Activity lesson. If there is any change to this arrangement, it will be communicated via the Year 7 Co-ordinator when your child starts. All Secondary School students wear their formal summer uniform for the first day of school.


Start:   8.25am Finish: 3.10pm


Parking in the first couple of weeks of a new school term can be busy. To keep the traffic flowing we will have our staff guiding traffic in the first two weeks of the first term.

Secondary School parents are encouraged to park near the A J Jericho Stadium.

The Immanuel Early Learning Centre Car Park (out the front of the Main Administration Building) is strictly off limits for College families to park and drop off unless they have a child in the IELC.


Students will be issued their device on the first day of term in the library, during school hours, on the proviso that they bring their completed 1 to 1 Device Form_Parent. Devices will not be issued unless the completed form is submitted.


If your child needs to leave the College early, they must sign out in the Student Services Office and provide written evidence that you have approved an early departure. An email or phone call from you to Student Services is also acceptable, and your child can meet you at a pre-designated collection point.


If your child is absent from school, please call the Absentee Line on 5477 3459.


Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (Qld) parents have a legal obligation to ensure that their children attend school and if your child is likely to be absent from school for more than 10 consecutive school days (e.g. holiday, illness), prior approval must be obtained from the Principal. An Application for Exemption form can be obtained either from Student Services or the Enrolments Registrar.


Recess and lunch orders can be lodged online (refer to information regarding FlexiSchools), and orders must be placed before 9:00 am. Secondary School Tuck-shop operates from Monday to Friday. Click here to view Tuckshop menus. FlexiSchools' cashless card system links a students’ existing school ID card to their FlexiSchools account, allowing them to purchase securely without the need for cash. A FlexiSchools account can be set up online and pre-loaded the account with funds. Students make purchases at the Tuckshop by scanning/ swiping their card at the cash register. On-screen photo ID security protects your account from lost or stolen cards.

  • Parents can view their children’s purchases online and can set a daily spending limit. Get Started with FlexiSchools
  • Students pay with cashless card and funds are debited from your FlexiSchools account.


1. Register for FlexiSchools by clicking here

2. Add your child, their school and class to get started. If you are registering before your child commences you will need to select “New Starter” when you are asked what class they are in.  

3. Top-up your account via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or direct deposit. 

4. Add the student ID card by selecting ‘set-up card number.' This is located on the ‘My Students’ page under the link used to start an order. Enter the number from your child’s student ID card and click ‘save.' 

5. Set a daily spending limit in the student profile section to control spending via cashless card.