Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are based on achievement in an examination provided by ACER and a successful interview with the Principal or Head of Sub-School. Immanuel invites existing students and those who wish to enter Immanuel Lutheran College to sit the scholarship test.

Students entering Years 6 to 12 in 2020 are eligible to apply


To be eligible for an Academic Scholarship, candidates must achieve within the 15% band, as per ACER testing reports. Candidates must also be able to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement and application to studies.

To Apply

Click the Academic - Year 6 or Academic - Year 7 to 12 link below and following the prompts to register their details and submit payment. Testing is conducted by ACER, an independent organisation engaged by the College.

When you have registered the candidate with ACER you will need to complete an Academic Scholarship Cover Sheet and submit this form along with copies of the candidate's last two academic reports, NAPLAN and any other relevant information. Once completed, please save the PDF form and email it to

Applications close on Wednesday 27 February 2019.

Testing date is on Saturday 9 March 2019.

Only in certain circumstances will late applications be accepted and in those cases, a late application fee will be charged


Scholarships are offered for the duration of the recipient’s enrolment at Immanuel Lutheran College. Scholarships are reviewed each semester and are subject to continued excellence in academic performance and abiding by College policies. Scholarship recipients are required to meet a grade point average each semester (equivalent to an Academic Gold or Academic Blue Award) and be actively involved in the College’s co-curricular program.


The registration fee is $100.00, and this is paid directly to ACER. There is no refund for candidates who fail to sit the test.

For further information regarding our scholarships, please contact the Enrolment Registrar, Mrs Irene Dabinet, on (07) 5477 3441 or via email

Before filling out one of the forms below please ensure you have Adobe Reader installed. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, please click here to download and install the software.

Once the form is filled out, please print and send back to the office. (You can only save the PDF if you have Adobe Acrobat).