Why Choose A Lutheran School?

The Lutheran Church is one of the world’s major Christian churches. It is the largest and longest established Protestant church and there are more than 70 million Lutherans in the world today.

The Lutheran Church dates back to the Reformation when Martin Luther (1483-1546) challenged some of the teachings and practices of the church of his day. The Lutheran Church has been in Australia for more than 175 years and is best known for its work in the aged care, education and community service sectors.

Since the first Lutheran school opened in Australia in 1839, Lutheran schools have grown considerably and reflect the church’s commitment to serving both its people and the broader Australian community. Today, more than 40,000 students receive their education in over 86 Lutheran schools and 59 early childhood centres across Australia.

Christian Studies at Immanuel

In Immanuel's Primary School, students meet for Chapel once a week and have a daily devotion in their class groups. Christian Studies is the subject taught from Prep to Year 10.

Religious and Values Education (RAVE) is the subject taught in Years 11-12 and is based on a four strand curriculum written by Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) covering: Christian Beliefs, The Christian Church, Christian Living and Christianity in the World. RAVE is an academic discipline and includes the study of ethics, philosophy and world religions.

In the Primary School, 110 minutes per week is devoted to Christian Studies. In the Secondary School, 80 minutes per week is devoted to Christian Studies or Religious and Values Education.