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Innovation at Immanuel

International Students at Immanuel Lutheran College Australia

Innovative Environmental Education

Immanuel Lutheran College is committed to providing educational spaces that encourages all children to engage with their learning.  In conjunction with a learning framework focussed on integrating self and cognition systems…

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Outdoor Education is Key to Inspiring World Changers at ILC Private School Sunshine Coast

How Outdoor Education Can Inspire World Changers!

Outdoor education offers plenty of opportunities to inspire children and help young learners thrive. Outdoors, your child can learn a range of skills and concepts, discovering the natural environment and developing important leadership skills.

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STEM Education at Immanuel Lutheran College Sunshine Coast

Innovative Learning Philosophy

Inspired students become inspiring adults, so we provide your child with an immersive and exciting educational environment. Immanuel’s philosophy of truly focusing on each student, is what makes us one of the most progressive independent schools the Sunshine Coast has available. 

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Primary School Students ILC Sunshine Coast

Hello from Immanuel’s College Counsellor

I hear these words a lot – “I am always honest with my child/ren”, “I don’t hide things from him/her/them”, “I think children should learn early on that life can be hard”. Yes. I agree. Sort of.

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