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Inspired Student Leadership

Instilling future-ready leadership qualities

Immanuel Lutheran College provides one of the most progressive and future-focused educational experiences on the Sunshine Coast. What makes ILC so progressive? Immanuel students experience education in a future-focused context emphasising lifelong learning and contemporary leadership skills.

Your child’s educational needs are rapidly changing. As a young adult, they require critical and creative thinking and strong communication skills, and a leadership mindset to navigate the global community they will soon be a part of. Your child will be future-ready thanks to Immanuel’s forward-thinking teaching and learning methods which focus on nurturing each child’s unique gifts, passions and aspirations. 

How can we be confident that your children will have the skills to be tomorrow’s future leaders? Because Immanuel’s students of yesterday are leaders today. Not all independent private school students aspire towards a career in business. We recognise and nurture all gifts and empower children to pursue all careers, preparing Immanuel graduates to be leaders on their own chosen path.

ILC students are supported in developing student leadership and initiative at all levels of College life; through encouragement at every level of learning, modelled behaviour and through opportunities like participating in the Year 9 Rite Journey program, the Australian Business Week (ABW) program in Year 10 and the Mt Binga Camp.

Dimity Stoyle – Professional Surfer

Immanuel’s students of yesterday are leaders today

Among our Old Scholars you’ll find leaders in the fields of medicine, the arts, design, business, and sport. Our graduates are driving innovation in boardrooms and serving their country in the defence forces. You’ll even find a few leading expeditions in far off lands. We look forward to seeing the path your child forges and helping them to do it with confidence.