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Learning Enhancement for Student Wellbeing

Immanuel Lutheran College offers excellent outdoor education programs from a setting of 23 hectares of Immanuel Lutheran College knows that every child’s learning needs are different and when children’s learning requirements are not met, they may become disengaged.  ILC’s Learning Enhancement Department will work with our teaching staff to ensure your child’s classroom education needs are met – whether that is extra support in learning or additional material to retain interest and engagement. By removing all barriers to your child’s learning, we aim to strengthen their capacity to become a lifelong learner and reach their full potential.

Head of the LED Nathan Scoffin

Learning Enhancement Program

Immanuel’s Learning Enhancement Department (LED) uses positive reinforcement and demonstrative teaching methods to help your child understand the curriculum in a way best suited to their learning style. We offer strategies and resources to help students reach their full potential by removing all barriers, whether physical, social, emotional or intellectual.

Head of the LED Nathan Scoffin mentors our educators to deliver innovative classroom techniques for developing a lifelong ‘can do’ mindset.  Our staff work together to ensure that every lesson and learning opportunity is focused on achievement, improvement and engagement.

Immanuel Lutheran College believes that happy, confident children make the best learners. We nurture your child’s interests and talents in a positive and engaging environment as the pathway to academic achievement along with overall wellness.  ILC’s caring, nurturing professionals are there to help your child develop confidence and to grow into a happy, balanced young adult.  Learn more about primary school here.