Immanuel Early Learning Centre provides early childhood programs for children aged two to five years in a long day care setting and is enrolling for 2019 and beyond.

Learning is fostered in a play-based environment and the Centre’s individualised approach allows each child to be supported and meet developmental milestones through a range of planned and spontaneous indoor and outdoor activities.

“We believe that play provides many platforms for learning. Children are encouraged to discover, create, imagine and challenge each other’s thinking while building new understandings,” said Service Leader Tracey Ellaway.

 “We collaborate with families and aim to provide opportunities for our children to maximise their potential and future success in learning.

“We provide a wonderful early years’ experience for children and a critical link to a confident transition into Prep,” she said.

Children’s interests and natural curiosity for the world are used as springboards to learning as staff interact with children individually. Nurturing the spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and creative development of children is of paramount importance in the early years.

“We are blessed that our Centre is capably led by caring teachers and staff who are mature, experienced and committed to the profession of early childhood education. Recognised as our most valuable asset, they create a warm and nurturing environment where children feel secure and loved,” said Mrs Ellaway.

“In 2017, we completed a $250,000 upgrade of our playground and welcome parents to come and see for themselves how special our Centre really is,” she said.

The new outdoor space features rocks to jump on, a tree to climb, a treehouse, a lookout tower and water play areas including a creek, water wall and mud kitchen.

"There will be no plastic or commercial toys in the space. We want the environment to be the teacher, with supervision from the staff and educators," said Tracey.

This new concept in early childhood learning has been the subject of recent studies which showed that this generation of children are not risk takers. Research suggests children need to have risks in their learning environment to build confidence and resilience.

To find out more, please contact the Immanuel Early Learning Centre on T: 5477 3416, or