It's the end of the OP system and Immanuel’s Class of 2019 can be proud of their results. Overall, the class performed well above the state average with 94% achieving an OP 1-15 which included two OP 1s and 31% achieved an OP 1-5 – the state average was 22%.

“Immanuel’s top achievers are a group of young men and women who will pursue careers in fields including medicine, business, law, the Australian Defence Force, engineering and the arts. But whatever their pursuits, I am proud that Immanuel is producing confident, well-rounded graduates who for 40 years, have enjoyed not only academic success, but have gained the skills and values needed to succeed in the real world, beyond the four walls of a classroom,” said Principal Colin Minke.

“The entire cohort – all 100% – received a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and we are proud of every one of them. Statistically, the class performed well above the state average with nearly 95% achieving an OP 1-15; the state average was 83%,” Mr Minke

“I congratulate our two OP 1 students, in fact all our graduates who have worked hard to make their dreams a reality. They’ve set themselves goals which will stand them in good stead as they plan for their future at university, in the workplace or they take a gap year to gather some life experience,” said Mr Minke.

2019 Dux Christopher Klingsch, who achieved an OP 1, is on track to study USC’s Bachelor of Medical Science. This is a highly competitive program which provides provisional direct entry into Griffith University’s Doctor of Medicine program.

Fellow OP 1 recipient Nina Atkinson will take a gap year in 2020 to live and work in Germany. On her return, she plans to study medicine at the University of Queensland (UQ) 

2019 College Social Justice Captain Kai Jankowiak, who achieved an OP 2, also hopes to attend USC to study the Bachelor of Medical Science. Both Chris and Kai are looking forward to staying on the Coast with the support of family around them as they hope to embark on what is an extremely challenging field of study. This is only the second intake for the Bachelor of Medical Science at USC Sunshine Coast.

2019 College Captain Isabella Towers, one of the College’s four OP 3 recipients, will undertake a dual degree in international studies, law and Spanish language at UQ with dreams of pursuing a career in foreign affairs and trade.

“2019 has been an incredible year. I had the honour of leading as College Captain and it was a privilege. I watched the seniors flourish into confident and inspiring young adults – a testament to the many opportunities Immanuel has offered us,” said Isabella.

“Immanuel graduates are resilient and independent learners who are committed to teamwork, building their community and placing others before self,” said Mr Minke.

“There are so many stories of success, hard work and dedication amongst the Class of 2019. Singer/songwriter Tyler Hammill gained early acceptance into the Queensland Conservatorium. Holly Faithfull worked since she was in Year 8, saving for five years, to realise her dream of travelling throughout Europe when she takes her gap year.

“Kyte Evans has been accepted into the Australian Defence Force Academy to commence training as a navy helicopter pilot while Joshua Sharp is progressing through the recruitment process for entry into the Royal Australian Air Force. Both will serve their country with distinction.

“Whatever paths our graduates choose, we’re proud that they have the confidence to make their own decisions and choose pathways best suited to their strengths, interests and abilities. I wish them the very best as they embark on this next exciting chapter of their lives,” said Mr Minke.