In Term One, Immanuel's Year 10 students attended the College's second campus, the Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre, where they embarked on an exciting 4-week program. Affectionately known as Binga, the camp is 2.5 hours away outside the town of Blackbutt. It is a beautiful, picturesque campus where every year, students learn the value of teamwork, resilience, self-confidence and leadership. It is a challenging and sometimes exhausting experience but when it comes time to leave, many wish they didn't have to, preferring the tranquility of the bush where they come to appreciate a simpler and slower pace of life.

Binga is a unique part of Immanuel's educational offering and students are often transformed by this life-changing experience. Whether it be learning about horsemanship; the simplicity of milking cows at dawn; conquering the high-ropes course; enduring a long hike with their mates; or learning to work as a team when orienteering or preparing meals, every student returns with countless stories about the camaraderie shared and the skills developed during their stay, under the guidance of a committed team of pastoral care and outdoor education specialists.

Binga is never forgotten. Immanuel graduates, referred to as Old Scholars, talk about their time there at their 20-and 30-year reunions because it's an opportunity to grow in confidence and to undertake a journey of self-discovery. To find out more, contact Enrolments Registrar Irene Dabinet on T: 07 5477 3441.