Prep at Immanuel

What is special about Prep at Immanuel?

  • Preppies learn to read through the Macquarie University InitiaLit program which provides children with the essential knowledge and foundations to become successful readers and writers.
  • They have swimming lessons in our on-site pool.
  • They enjoy a daily outdoor fitness program.
  • They are nurtured in one of three small classes.
  • There is a high staff to student ratio.
  • Immanuel has caring and nurturing teachers who develop happy, resilient and confident learners.
  • Our staff focus on early intervention, when needed, and work with our on-site team of occupational and speech therapists.
  • Immanuel has specialist staff in Visual Art, Language, Music, Health & PE.
  • Students never tire of our stunning 23-hectare private grounds, rainforest, adventure playground and water park.

Years 1-6

Our aim is to develop happy, confident, independent youngsters who will be active and resilient learners. With exceptional teachers to guide them along the way, an Immanuel education will give them a solid base in which to prepare for the real world. We will nurture them academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally because at Immanuel, we believe the whole person is the whole point.

Our students achieve because they want to. They are well taught, supported and encouraged, and the use of technology makes learning fun and vibrant.

The curriculum in our Primary School will equip your child with the skills needed for a new millennium. They will learn Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Arts, Languages (German), Health and Physical Education, Technologies and Christian Studies. Students can receive additional learning support and be extended beyond the core curriculum. There are also many opportunities to engage in different sporting, cultural and special interest activities through an extensive cocurricular program.

Across the College, we build students’ wellbeing by embedding the PERMA (positive psychology) Framework in all that we do. This wellbeing focus is supported by many progressive programs such as Zones of Regulation which teaches young students to identify emotions and regulate them using different tools and activities. Also available is Peer Support, where older students lead small groups through activities designed to foster multi-age relationships and build interpersonal skills.

2022 Year P-6 Curriculum Handbook

Immanuel Cocurricular Handbook