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Fostering a lifelong love of learning through play-based education and experiences

At Immanuel, we believe a child’s education begins long before school. That’s why our onsite early learning centre is designed to give your child the very best start to their learning journey. Our early childhood educators know that every child is unique, with God-given strengths and abilities that are to be celebrated. It is with this mindset that we nurture and guide the children in our care in a happy environment that will encourage your child’s desire to learn.

What we offer

All children have different abilities that impact their social, emotional and physical development. The Immanuel Early Learning Centre (ELC) encourages each child to learn at their own pace. Educators will help your child to develop confidence, build their self-esteem and gain a love of learning.

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Early Years Learning Framework

At the Immanuel Early Learning Centre in Buderim, our teaching is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). EYLF was introduced in 2009 as a best-practice educational baseline for children aged from birth through to school age. The EYLF is a holistic approach to education designed to guide educators as they support children through their early learning. Including early literacy and numeracy skills, along with an emphasis on critical thinking and identity formation, the EYLF helps children become confident and creative learners.

Our early childhood educators use this framework to develop a curriculum with play-based learning at its core. We will get to know your child as an individual and develop a learning program that is tailored to suit their, and other children’s, interests and needs.

There are five learning outcomes of the EYLF:

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity. They feel safe, secure and supported, and are able to develop self-confidence. They learn how to interact with others and feel respected by (and show respect to) their peers.
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world. They develop a sense of belonging, become more respectful of diversity, learn to be socially responsible, and value caring for the environment.
  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing, both social and emotional. They take responsibility for their own wellbeing and health.
  4. Children are confident and involved learners. They develop curiosity, creativity, commitment, persistence and imagination. They learn how to develop and use a number of critical skills, including problem solving and investigation. They are adaptable and love to explore.
  5. Children are effective communicators. They can interact with other children and adults, use gestures and sounds, and express ideas using various media, such as dance and art.

As part of our EYLF program, we encourage children to take considered risks in play while giving them a hands-on approach to learning. One of the ways we do this is through our Forest School program, which gives children the opportunity to explore outside the Centre and College’s buildings and oval. They take walks through the edge of the Eggmolesse Environmental Park, identifying flora and fauna, building shelters, and using tools.

At Immanuel Early Learning Centre, we value your child’s knowledge and skills, and we’ll incorporate these into their day as much as possible. This gives your child a sense of belonging. Ensuring children feel part of a team is a powerful way to foster a love of learning.

Early Learning Centres Sunshine Coast - Day Care that Offers STEM Learning


In association with EYLF, at Immanuel ELC on the Sunshine Coast, which is also a long day care and childcare service, we foster the foundations of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The STEAM philosophy allows children to engage in a variety of learning experiences while at the same time promoting important life skills, such as creative thinking and problem-solving.

STEAM will encourage your child to:

  • think outside the box
  • share original and creative ideas
  • feel at ease with practical learning
  • take charge of their education
  • work well with other people
  • understand how science, maths, the arts and technology are intertwined
  • become more interested in the world around them
  • feel empowered to make positive change.

At Immanuel Early Learning Centre, our learning environments have been created with STEAM in mind so your child can engage with these dynamic concepts every day.

Child Care Centre Buderim - Early Learning at ILC Sunshine Coast

Outdoor play and learning

At Immanuel Lutheran College’s ELC here on the Sunshine Coast, your child will benefit from being connected to the natural world. We provide a range of outdoor learning options to ensure children are getting plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D, while at the same time having fun. Playing outside enhances a child’s creativity and resilience, key factors that will impact your child throughout their entire life.

We have an award-winning nature-play space that is purpose-built so your child can enjoy the great outdoors. Children and their families worked together with our educators and designers to create this environment, complete with boulders to jump on and a tree to climb. The space was acknowledged at the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture’s 2017 prize ceremony for its unique, imaginative design.

Our outdoor space allows your child to connect and appreciate the natural world. It promotes imagination, exploration, friendships and confidence.

And at the College’s onsite learn-to-swim pool, children from the age of three receive 16 free swimming lessons at Immanuel Swim School as part of their enrolment. Immanuel ELC is committed to improving your child’s competence and confidence in the water.

Childcare Centres Buderim - Our Daycare Options

Indoor play and learning

Our Buderim childcare centre has four rooms catering to different age groups and abilities: Dragonflies, Butterflies, Caterpillars and Bumblebees.

Our Dragonflies and Butterflies rooms cater to our Kindergarten program for children aged 4-5 years and are designed to ensure your child is school-ready. These rooms are child-centred and led, with engaging and imaginative spaces that help children think for themselves. This program gives your child the literacy, numeracy and social skills they need for starting Prep.

The Caterpillars room caters for children aged 3-4 years and includes age-appropriate imaginative and creative learning zones. Here, your child can enjoy exploration using different mediums, including art, LEGO and recycled materials.

For children aged from 2-3 years, the Bumblebees room includes early literacy and numeracy development opportunities, along with social and emotional learning, so your child understands taking turns, sharing and respect for others.

At Immanuel Early Learning Centre Sunshine Coast, we want to make sure your child feels at home with us. We provide tours to introduce you and your child to our educators and facilities. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have and address any concerns with our tour leaders.

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