Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre

Immanuel’s second campus at the Mount Binga Outdoor Education Centre was established in the early 1980s. For more than 30 years, Immanuel students have spent time at Mount Binga learning the value of self reflection, leadership, self-sufficiency and how to face life’s challenges.

In the early days, students spent one week at the camp. Now, Mount Binga is an integral part of an Immanuel education with all Year 10 students undertaking a four-week program at Mount Binga during Semester 1.

All students experience an accompanied hike early in the program as well as a student planned hike later in the course. Both are through countryside surrounding Mount Binga.

Students undergo mapping and compass work prior to the hike, as well as preparing food and camping equipment for their treks.

Time is also spent developing bush survival skills such as building shelters, fire fighting and developing knowledge of bush vegetation, food and water conservation.

Aims and Objectives of the Mt Binga Experience:

• Independence, self-reliance and self-sufficiency
This means students do their own cooking, washing and preparation of camping rations. However, this is only the tip of the developing iceberg.

Social interaction and group dynamics
Essentially the students work together and live together. They generally begin to depend upon and appreciate each other far more than in the normal school routine.

Self esteem
The variety of work which everyone does at Mt Binga shows students how important they are to the lifestyle there.

• Manual work
Students learn to appreciate what results can be achieved through physical application over a reasonable length of time.

• Self-reflection and thinking about other people
Through quiet times and keeping journals, students learn a little more about themselves as well as having time to think about other people.

• Spiritual needs
Through morning and evening devotion, solo excursions and the very solitude and natural wonder of Mt Binga, there is a constant reminder of God’s presence.

• Facing a challenge and seeing it through
The solo experience, survival and abseiling are but a few of the challenges put before students.

• Appreciation of the bush
Students meet rural folk working at or around Mt Binga. They learn to think practically about country matters, from the necessity of opening and shutting gates for stock protection, to the vital part water plays in the lives of everyone living away from the Coastal strip.

• The value of family and friends
As the students work towards building family and community at Mt Binga they come to value family and friends in their home environment.

• Personal initiative
Students are responsible for the successful completion of set tasks and their own entertainment.
Mt Binga provides an opportunity for personal growth, while students participate in activities they may never otherwise have had the chance to do, or do again.


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