Wellbeing at Immanuel

At Immanuel, we believe that each student’s journey is unique. We know that their social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing underpins their capacity to learn and flourish. Wellbeing is everyone’s business, especially as we aim to create an environment where both students and staff can grow and flourish.

Our approach is based on Christian values and draws from models such as PERMA-V (Martin Seligman (2011) and Restorative Practices to shape our Wellbeing@Immanuel and Building Responsible Behaviours frameworks. 

Wellbeing involves care, concern, compassion, love and forgiveness, as well as establishing boundaries and learning from our mistakes. It includes curriculum, behaviour management, extra-curricular activities, House structures, student governance and social interactions. 

Our friendly Wellbeing Team is responsible for overseeing the implementation of our Wellbeing Framework and for ensuring that College staff, students and families are ‘well beings’. Take a moment to meet the team, below.

Wellbeing Coordinators - Primary & Secondary Schools

Hello from Wellbeing Coordinators, Tim and Shaun.

As Wellbeing Coordinators, we work proactively in each sub-school and across P-12 to develop wellbeing frameworks and programs. We strive to ensure that ILC students become well rounded individuals equipped to face the adventures and challenges of life. We also ensure that our staff have access to high quality professional development in the area of wellbeing, and that the College’s commitment to Restorative Practices is continually renewed and refined.

Primary School Wellbeing Coordinator: Tim French
Director of Wellbeing (7-12): Shaun Cleary


Hello. My name is Gayla Mathews and I have the privilege of serving the Immanuel community as Chaplain. I am available to everyone in our community as a listener and as someone who may not have all the answers, but who may be able to help in all sorts of life and heart matters.

In the busy-ness of life, we can lose sight of God’s love for us, so one of my greatest pleasures is sharing Christ’s invitation to be aware of His presence and know His love in personal and practical ways.

This sees me working across P-12 to facilitate Worship and support the devotional life of the College; and encouraging students to get involved with social justice and service-learning activities. One example of practical help is access to the Food for Families meals which our wonderful P&F cook. If you find yourself, or someone you know, in need of a meal, you need only ask.


Hi – my name is Tarnya Mitchell and I am the College Counsellor. My role encompasses work with students from Prep to Year 12 and their parents, in addition to work as a member of the College Wellbeing Team. I very much enjoy being involved in classrooms and facilitating programs for parents, staff and students in a range of areas.

My role also involves liaising with community and government agencies – and other professionals – in support of our young people and their families. Primary School students require parent permission before working with me, whilst Secondary School students are able to make appointments at their own discretion or may be guided to do so by parents or teaching staff. I consider myself privileged to be a 'listener' within the College and I value the courage, energy and honesty of the young people who visit my office.

As a parent, should you wish to make an appointment to discuss issues in relation to your child, you can contact me on mitchellt@immanuel.qld.edu.au and come in for a cuppa, or call on T: 5477 3430. A problem shared is often a problem halved.

Tarnya Mitchell (BA (Psych), BSocWk, Grad Dip Teaching, M.Ed (Guidance and Counselling))

Learning Enhancement

Hello. My name is Nathan Scoffin. In my role of Learning Enhancement Coordinator, I support the learning of students from Prep through to Year 12.

I believe that positive reinforcement by teachers and peers, combined with self-motivation, provides the key to learning. Students feel motivated, encouraged and supported by staff from the Learning Enhancement Department (LED) when they know that a new concept will be reinforced or practically demonstrated to deepen their understanding.

We offer strategies and resources to help students achieve their full potential by removing barriers, whether physical, social, emotional or intellectual, allowing students to access the curriculum.

Ongoing communication between parents, teachers and myself develops a holistic approach for each student. We aim to strengthen the capacity of students to become lifelong learners. As a parent, you are welcome to contact me (scoffinn@immanuel.qld.edu.au) regarding your child’s learning journey and how we can best support you.