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Fortnightly Newsletter – “Immanuel in Touch”

Newsletters are an informative link to the College and are forwarded by email. To ensure that you receive your copy, please check that we have your preferred email address recorded. Please note that all copies of the newsletter, along with the Immanuel Features magazine and other important information relating to College events, are available via our website.

Contacting Teachers/Staff

Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact teachers/staff to discuss their child’s progress. Parents may find it convenient to contact staff via SEQTA Engage.

College Calendar

All families receive a printed College Calendar highlighting key College events scheduled throughout the year. The calendar also contains important dates relating to camps, carnivals, assessment schedules, P&F meetings etc. This is a great resource so please keep it handy as a reference throughout the school year. An electronic version of the College Calendar can be accessed via SEQTA Engage.

SMS Messages

If your child is absent from the College and we have not been notified, a SMS message is sent to your mobile (generally the first noted Contact Person) via Student Services for your response. Similarly, if there is an important message that needs to be communicated quickly to all our families, a SMS text message will be sent directly to your mobile (Contact 1).

We do have the facility to enable one or both parents to receive SMS messages and emails from the College; this can be activated by contacting the Main Administration Office.

Social Media

To connect with daily news and events at the College, like the Immanuel Lutheran College Facebook and Instagram

Immanuel Lutheran College Mobile App

Parents are able to download a free Immanuel Lutheran College mobile app via the Apple or Google stores. This app provides families convenient access to useful information e.g. staff contact details, a GPS enabled campus map, newsletters etc. The app is also a channel to push out timely alerts about activities around campus. The app links closely with the College’s social media with direct links to our Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well as photo and video galleries. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.