Instilling future-ready leadership qualities

Immanuel Lutheran College provides one of the most progressive  educational experiences on the Sunshine Coast.  Your child will experience education in a future-focused context, emphasising lifelong learning and contemporary leadership skills. Their future will be collaborative, nimble and ever-changing. In response, we’ve introduced leadership in the school curriculum from early primary school to graduation. Your child will leave Immanuel as a self-aware, civic-minded individual who has the capacity to communicate effectively with others, seek continuous development in themselves and others, and an ability to make ethical decisions in an increasingly technological world. Your child will be future-ready thanks to Immanuel.

Eco-Education at Immanuel Lutheran College. Children play with our simulated river where we teach conservation and physics

Inspiring collaborative leadership in primary school students

Outdoor education programs in Lutheran schools are unlike any other and inspire not only a deeper understanding of the natural environment, but collaborative problem solving, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Sunshine Coast Schools for Children Interested in Leadership and Business Careers - Immanuel Lutheran College

Inspiring motivation and leadership in high school students

Across all areas of learning, students can take on leadership roles, assisting other students to achieve their goals. Extra-curricular programs across the sciences, arts, social responsibility and sports, give young leaders the chance to develop their natural talents.

STEM Learning Facilities at Immanuel Lutheran College Sunshine Coast

Collaborative leadership in business and STEM subjects

Your child will experience maths, business and design in a way that connects the theoretical with real-world problem solving. Our school prioritises opportunities for student leadership through experiential class formats designed for tackling problems as a team.

Mt Binga Campus - A Month Long Camp for Year 10 Students to Develop Independence and Leadership Skills

Personal development to uncover leadership qualities

Secondary school brings a series of personal development opportunities for helping teens make the leap towards adulthood. Our Year 9 students undertake a year-long transformative program called The Rite Journey and in Year 10, all ILC students undertake a life-changing four-week personal development camp at our second campus, Mt Binga. Your young adult will develop maturity, learn self-sufficiency and uncover their natural leadership skills as part of the Immanuel high school curriculum.

Immanuel’s students of yesterday are leaders today

Among our Old Scholars you’ll find leaders in every walk of life. Our graduates are driving innovation in boardrooms and serving their community in a variety of industries. We look forward to seeing the path your child forges and helping them to do it with confidence