Inspired students become inspiring adults, so we provide your child with an immersive and exciting educational environment.  Immanuel’s unique philosophy of focusing on each student as a whole is what makes us one of the most progressive independent schools the Sunshine Coast has available.

Our holistic approach to education is underpinned by a commitment to creating better spaces for online, experiential and outdoor learning. Immanuel’s innovative spaces cultivate improved communication and collaboration skills, suit all learning styles and help to advance critical and creative thinking amongst students.

As a leading independent school on the Sunshine Coast, Immanuel embraces its responsibility to foster the emotional, social and spiritual growth of each student, in addition to academic success, so we go well beyond the standard curriculum, to inspire the leaders of tomorrow – no matter where their passions and talents lie.

A Sunshine Coast Independent School Inspiring All Students to Succeed

We proudly achieve our excellent results by inspiring students, not pressuring them. We believe that happy kids make the best learners and produce graduates grounded in their values who demonstrate strength of character in all that they do.

As the premiere Sunshine Coast independent school offering a 100% holistic approach to education, we celebrate all students who achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE); who land their first choice of apprenticeship and jobs in their chosen fields. We celebrate our athletic and artistic students pursuing their place on the world stage. We celebrate the students embracing a life of service to humankind. Every student’s goals and aspirations are recognised and nurtured at Immanuel Lutheran College.

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Inspired Learning Methods

You’re enrolling your child at an independent school raising lifelong learners for a world that demands lifelong learning. Your child’s educational needs are changing, rapidly.  In the largest curriculum overhaul in our history, ILC has changed the way Sunshine Coast students are prepared for the future. Immanuel’s forward-thinking teaching and learning methods, in line with Christian values, focus on nurturing each child’s unique gifts, passions and aspirations.

  • Transformation of teaching methodologies. Every day, every class, your child will engage in critical and creative thinking practices, learn communication and leadership skills, develop a “global community” mindset and take the lead in developing new interests and pursuing new achievements. (Learn more about PERMA and Marzano and Kendall Taxonomy)
  • Transformation of learning spaces. We’ve redeveloped two classroom blocks to be experiential spaces designed to help all kinds of learners develop a deeper “learn by doing” understanding of the curriculum.
  • Nurture all gifts. Finally, an independent school on the Sunshine Coast that recognises and nurtures all gifts and empowers children to pursue all careers.  Not all independent private school students aspire towards a career in business. We prepare your child to be the very best adult they can be.

Our cutting-edge learning framework focuses on integrating self and cognition systems, and has prompted Immanuel to transition from traditional classroom teaching to inspiring purpose-built spaces that will cultivate collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship amongst all students. Regardless of their preferred learning styles, this new framework gives all students the best opportunity to engage and graduate with a love for lifelong learning.

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Inspired STEM Learning

Tomorrow’s innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs need skills well beyond the traditional curriculum. Immanuel Lutheran College has incorporated contemporary teaching methods into all aspects of STEM learning.  Your child will engage in an integrated approach to the sciences with collaboration, critical thinking and ethical decision making as part of every learning stream.  We teach STEM differently, so all children can develop the skills and passions needed for a future in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  • Flexible Learning Environments. Brand-new, custom-built STEM learning environments to help visual, aural and kinaesthetic learners to understand and be inspired by STEM subjects. Immanuel’s accessible and inclusive STEM curriculum creates a positive and welcoming experience for all students, regardless of whether they typically gravitate towards these subject areas.
  • Contemporary skills focused. An in-depth overhaul of our senior school curriculum to arm students with unmatched skills for the workplace.
  • Inspiring learning. Activity and practical focused learning including robotics, coding and engineering clubs, medical technology, BizTech and Gamification activities, Tello drone technology, outdoor education program, an innovative on-site full-scale simulated river network with real world water management curriculum.
  • Independent School Approach. As a leading independent school on the Sunshine Coast, we strive for excellence beyond the limitations of “traditional teaching”.  Our learning approach inspires critical thinking, creative and collaborative problem solving, ICT innovation and ethical business practices.
Schools Sunshine Coast - Girls Working at our Eco Learning Centre at our Buderim Campus

Inspired Environmental Education

We don’t just inspire “entrepreneurial game-changers” we nurture the world-changes, mind-changers and life-changers too.  Your child’s generation will inherit an ever-changing natural environment, so we inspire environmental care from Prep to the senior years.

Our world class facilities are situated on 23 hectares of magnificent bushland and pristine rainforest, giving students the unique opportunity to interact with the natural environment from the moment they step foot on campus.

Immanuel’s curriculum is supported by our Environmental Centre - complete with onsite recycling plant, innovative water management technology park and one of the most hands-on eco-education programs that an independent school on the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Immanuel students learn to understand, preserve and protect the environment through exploration, creativity and play. Immanuel graduates evolve into eco-conscious adults who naturally want to make the world a better place.  Let us nurture your child’s interest in saving the planet.

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