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Excellence at Immanuel

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Immanuel’s Class of 2022 Shines

Immanuel’s Class of 2022 look to the future with the release of Queensland’s ATAR results.

“This cohort is a group of inspiring young people who have a strong sense of who they are and what they want to achieve,” said Principal Colin Minke.

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Schools with Dance Facilities - The Best Sunshine Coast School for Kids Passionate about Performing Arts

Immanuel Options for Excellence

Immanuel inspires children to always be their best. Your child’s success is measured not only in their results, but in the adult they become. Choosing the best Sunshine Coast school for your child is about the best opportunities for their unique aspirations.

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Our Swimming Facilities - Schools with Pools Sunshine Coast

Immanuel Athletic Excellence

Inspiring Immanuel Athletic excellence. At Immanuel, your child will have access to a leading Sunshine Coast school athletics program including an exceptional coaching staff, professional athletes as mentors, and first-class sporting facilities giving them everything they need to be the best athlete they can be.

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Immanuel Academic Excellence

Immanuel Academic excellence. For over 40 years, we’ve helped our students achieve remarkable academic results through encouraging nimble and lateral thinking via our innovative and ever evolving approach to teaching. Among our Old Scholars, you’ll find many a doctor, engineer and business leader; but you’ll also find humanitarians, environmental scientists, writers, musicians, teachers and nurses. We encourage all children to be the very best they can be and to pursue their own path.

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Sunshine Coast Schools With STEM Education - Our Approach to STEM means all kinds of learners can thrive

Innovative Stem Education

Creatively inspired students become innovative adults.  Immanuel Lutheran College cultivates an immersive and engaging educational environment through a learning framework focused on integrating self and cognition systems and a commitment to creating better spaces for online, experiential and outdoor learning.

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STEM Education at Immanuel Lutheran College Sunshine Coast

Innovative Learning Philosophy

Inspired students become inspiring adults, so we provide your child with an immersive and exciting educational environment. Immanuel’s philosophy of truly focusing on each student, is what makes us one of the most progressive independent schools the Sunshine Coast has available. 

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