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Discover how a first-class education at Immanuel Lutheran College will challenge and support your child through superior learning experiences

We invite you to join us on a tour of Immanuel Lutheran College.

Our tours bring you onto our campus and introduce you to our educational philosophy for children from pre-Prep to Year 12. You can meet staff, observe students and see for yourself why your child will thrive in our school environment. We welcome questions and encourage you to explore the complete range of exciting opportunities available across Immanuel.

The best way to discover whether your child will enjoy life at our College is to book a place at one of our Open Mornings or other tour options and, together, you can experience a taste of what Immanuel has to offer.

We provide four options: Open Mornings, Small Group Tours, Walk With Us For A Day, and Virtual Tours


Our Open Mornings bring people together to set the tone for your child’s future education at Immanuel Lutheran College. You’ll join other families (children inclusive) as Principal Colin Minke provides an opening address and rundown about the exciting opportunities Immanuel can offer your child. From there, families are allocated into Primary and Secondary School groups. Student Leaders will head each tour, showing you through different areas of the campus, answering questions and providing feedback from their own time here at Immanuel. You will engage with senior staff throughout the tour who are always happy to assist with any queries you might have. Afterwards, you’ll join us for morning tea where you can meet key staff members and ask further questions. We hold regular Open Mornings throughout the year.

Tour time: 2 hours

Guided Tours of Immanuel Lutheran College Buderim


Another option is to come on a Small Group Tour. An enrolment staff member will take your family on a walk through Immanuel, introducing you to the different opportunities available for your child. If starting Prep or Secondary School, or moving from another school, this is a fantastic opportunity to introduce them to College life, see other students, and determine if they will be comfortable and successful here. Friends (and families) can tour together. If you know other families who are considering Immanuel, why not get together and tour the College together? It can make students and parents feel more comfortable.

Tour time: 1-1.5hrs


Walk With Us For A Day is a unique tour where children join a class for the day to help determine if they will embrace life at Immanuel Lutheran College. They’ll be placed in a class according to their year level and will experience the daily routines of children their age – from exciting sports activities to strategising maths and science. Moving from Primary School to Secondary School, or changing schools, can be stressful for some children. This tour allows them to make connections with current students, learn the processes and decide if Immanuel is the right fit for their future.

Tour time: Full day, school hours


If you’re short on time, live interstate, or prefer to look around the school from a distance, our Virtual Tour will take you on a journey of Immanuel through the camera lens. You’ll see how the school is laid out and explore the exciting opportunities awaiting students. You can discuss your child’s future with us in a follow-up phone call, Zoom meeting or by appointment. Our virtual tours are a great way to see everything Immanuel has to pave the way for your child’s future success.

Tour time: 10 minutes