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Innovative Stem Education

Creatively inspired students become innovative adults.  Immanuel Lutheran College cultivates an immersive and engaging educational environment through a learning framework focused on integrating self and cognition systems and a commitment to creating better spaces for online, experiential and outdoor learning. Regardless of their preferred learning styles, this new educational model gives all students the best opportunity to engage and graduate with a love for lifelong learning.

Narrowing down your options

Tomorrow’s innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs need skills well beyond the traditional curriculum. Immanuel Lutheran College has incorporated contemporary teaching methods into all aspects of STEM learning. Your child will engage in an integrated approach to the sciences with collaboration, critical thinking and ethical decision making as part of every learning stream. We teach STEM differently, so all children can develop the skills and passions needed for a future in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

  • Flexible learning environments. Brand new, custom-built STEM learning environments help visual, aural and kinaesthetic learners to understand and be inspired by STEM subjects. Immanuel’s accessible and inclusive STEM curriculum creates a positive and welcoming experience for all students, regardless of whether they typically gravitate towards these subject areas. 
  • Contemporary skills focused. An in-depth overhaul of our senior school curriculum arms students with unmatched skills for the workplace.
  • Inspiring learning. We offer activities and practically-focused learning including robotics, coding, medical technology, BizTech, Gamification activities and Tello drone technology.
  • Independent school approach.  As a leading independent school on the Sunshine Coast, we strive for excellence beyond the limitations of traditional teaching. Our learning approach inspires critical thinking, creative and collaborative problem solving, ICT innovation and ethical business practice