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Yes, it’s true. We have a wellbeing dog

As part of our school wellbeing program, Immanuel Lutheran College is one of few schools with a therapy dog on campus.  Connie is a valued member of the ILC community whose impact on student wellbeing cannot be understated. 

Connie is a trained and qualified therapy dog

Connie is a highly qualified therapy dog. As the first dog to be placed in a school on the Sunshine Coast by Guide Dogs Queensland, Connie is trained to assist children who may be experiencing anxiety, or other social or emotional problems. Connie gives comfort to our students, particularly our youngest learners who may not be able to articulate a problem or worry. However, she is much loved and has just as much impact on Secondary School students.

Connie supports student learning in the classroom

It may surprise many to learn that Connie is also a valued educational support resource. Connie has a remarkable effect on reluctant readers who become fluent in her presence, reading stories to her while she sits and listens patiently and without judgment.

Connie is much loved by our students and staff and the feeling is mutual. Connie, a black Labrador, loves our kids almost as much as she loves their sneaky sandwich crusts.


Immanuel Lutheran College believes that happy, confident children make the best learners. We nurture your child in a positive and engaging environment as the pathway to academic achievement along with overall wellness. ILC’s caring, nurturing professionals are there to help your child develop confidence and grow into a happy young adult.